Therefore StratIQ™ Implementation

Our tried and tested implementation methodology covers business analysis, configuration, setup, training and change management ... thereby ensuring that your Therefore StratIQ™ initiative delivers value immediately and that your team is committed from the onset.

Business Analysis

During the Business Analysis phase, we will work with you and your Team to understand your environment and needs.


Therefore StratIQ™ will be configured in accordance with the observations made during the Business Analysis phase. The Therefore ThreadBuilder™ application will be used to configure the business processes that will be deployed within your environment. Further, our "Functionality on Demand" facility will be used to turn off all functionality that you don't wish to use, thereby optimising the application's fit with your environment and enhancing its ease of use.


It is during this phase that your companies, branches, departments, access rules, users and the like are set up.


Therefore StratIQ™ has been designed to be intuitive, which reduces the amount of user training required. However, as with the introduction of any application, a mix of formal and “on the job” training is critical to ensure that users become productive as rapidly as possible. Our training curriculum will be tailored to meet the needs of your environment.

Change management

Best practice change management principles are applied throughout the deployment of the Therefore StratIQ™ application.

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