Therefore StratIQ™ Features
Functionality on demand

No two Clients have the same needs. The Therefore StratIQ™ application's "Functionality on Demand" capability allows user utilities and system features to be turned on or off and configured in accordance with your requirements.

Provided below is a high level overview of the Therefore StratIQ™ application's user utilities and system features.

User utilities

Listed below are examples of the utilities that can be made available to users of the Therefore StratIQ™ application.

  1. Reporting utilities
    1. Dashboard
    2. Reporting
    3. External data cube feed
  2. User utilities
    1. User self-service
    2. Management visibility
    3. Contact list
  3. Search utilities
    1. Smart search
    2. Quick search
  1. Task / Query utilities
    2. Notes
    3. Reminders
    4. Reassignment
    5. Reclassification
    6. Attachments
    7. Rich text editor
    8. Sub activities
    9. Ad-hoc email communication
    10. Ad-hoc SMS communication
    11. Context sensitive help
    12. Change log
    13. Task flagging
    14. Progress status updates
    15. Duplicate checker
System features

In addition to the above listed user utilities, the Therefore StratIQ™ application boasts a number of system features that can be configured to ensure that the system's deployment is aligned to your needs. Examples follow.

Workflow engine

The Therefore StratIQ™ application boasts a fully integrated workflow engine.

The Therefore ThreadBuilder™ workflow configuration tool enables tasks and queries to be rapidly mapped to your business' processes, without introducing the need to write code.

User interface

The Therefore StratIQ ™ system provides various options for the "fine tuning" of its user interface.

Communication cycle

The Therefore StratIQ™ system's configurable communication cycle keeps Users informed of task and query status changes by means of email and SMS.

White labelled

Therefore StratIQ™ can be rapidly branded so that it carries your corporate identity.


Therefore StratIQ™ complies with best practice security principles. Further, its configurable password rules enable you to enforce a password rule complexity that is appropriate to your risk profile.

Therefore StratIQ™ supports the use of Digital Encryption.

The system's "Security Group" functionality allows you to easily allocate system rights to Users.


The Therefore StratIQ™ application features a host of integration points, enabling seamless integration with external systems, either on a periodic or a real time basis.

Cross browser compatibility

The Therefore StratIQ™ application has been developed to be accessible via any World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards compliant web browser, but has been optimised for the latest versions of the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Edge browsers.

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