Therefore StratIQ™ Benefits
Therefore StratIQ™ … THE strategy execution tool

Therefore has carefully researched the burn points associated with strategy execution and has developed the ultimate in strategy execution tools - Therefore StratIQ™.

Therefore StratIQ™ can be rapidly deployed, accessed from anywhere with Internet connectivity, adds value from day one, improves ease of strategy management and is highly cost effective.

The leading strategy execution tool

Once you have developed that winning strategy, Therefore StratIQ™ can be used to drive its execution, allowing your team to develop and maintain a long term strategic focus centred on delivery.

Rapid deployment

No two organisations are alike. The Therefore StratIQ™ tool can be rapidly configured to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Once configured, the process of loading your strategies and distilling them into tactics, projects, tasks, activities, risks, issues and requests for information is quick and intuitive.

Anywhere … anytime

Therefore StratIQ™ is an Internet based tool. As a consequence, it can be accessed by your company and its strategic partners from any location that has Internet connectivity.

Management, measurement and reporting

Ease of management requires ease of measurement. Therefore StratIQ™ optimises your ability to manage strategy execution by providing a dashboard, a suite of real time reporting, deadline management capabilities, progress status tracking and automated poor performance flagging.

Teams and cross functional delivery

Therefore StratIQ™ can coordinate the execution of strategic initiatives that straddle any number of functional areas. Furthermore, Therefore StratIQ™ is a team aware tool, thereby enabling your staff to work together seamlessly.

Accountability, early warning and remediation

The Therefore StratIQ™ tool ensures that strategic activities are allocated to the party accountable for their execution, thereby leaving no grey areas that can be used to legitimise non-delivery.

Each strategic activity is awarded a targeted close out date and performance is tracked accordingly. Where performance falls short, Therefore StratIQ™ automatically flags the offending activity for management review.

The Therefore StratIQ™ tool’s “Progress Status Early Warning” feature tracks progress relative to the passage of time and provides an early warning where tasks start falling behind the curve. This allows for remedial action to be taken earlier in the strategy execution life cycle.

Staying in the loop

The Therefore StratIQ™ tool’s configurable communication cycle keeps users informed of status changes by means of email and SMS.

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