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The majority of large companies use Call Centres as the primary means of managing their customer interaction. Given the critical role that Call Centres play as the "face of the company", it's imperative that they operate efficiently (to contain the cost of customer ownership) and offer high levels of customer service (for reasons of customer satisfaction and retention).

The Therefore team has undertaken extensive research to determine the task and query management needs presented by a Call Centre environment. This knowledge has been used as the foundation upon which the Therefore Quantum™ application has been developed.

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The Therefore Quantum™ application is ideally suited for companies that ...

  1. Want to be more Customer-centric, improve Customer service levels and retention rates.
  2. Have high volumes of Customer initiated tasks and queries, are concerned about the high cost of Customer ownership and wish to maximise their return on call centre spend.
  3. Want to improve the ease of management of their Customer facing call centres.
  4. Want to implement continuous improvement and need access to service failure statistic to do so.
  5. Want to improve cross functional cooperation / delivery.
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