About Therefore Quantum™
Understanding the need

The majority of large companies use Call Centres as the primary means of managing their customer interaction. Given the critical role that Call Centres play as the "face of the company", it's imperative that they operate efficiently (to contain the cost of customer ownership) and offer high levels of customer service (for reasons of customer satisfaction and retention).

The Therefore team has undertaken extensive research to determine the task and query management needs presented by a Call Centre environment. This knowledge has been used as the foundation upon which the Therefore Quantum™ application has been developed.

Providing a framework for delivery

Call Centres typically have hundreds of tasks and queries in play at any given point. To ensure that all of these tasks and queries are timeously resolved, Call Centre applications need to drive the classification of tasks and queries, guide their allocation to the appropriate resources , award deadlines and automatically escalate where required. In short, Call Centre applications need to provide a framework for delivery.

If you can't measure, you can't manage

If Call Centre activity can't be measured with ease, managing it becomes a "hit and miss" exercise. The management of Call Centre tasks and queries requires a dashboard and easy access to purpose built real time reporting.


Clear lines of accountability are critical when managing a Call Centre. Given the number of moving parts at play, accountability often falls into a "grey area", which works against delivery. Critical to the management of accountability is the management of deadlines , the ability to track performance relative to deadlines and clarity regarding the party accountable for each task or query.

It's a team effort

Help Desk Agents are typically responsible for logging tasks and queries on behalf of callers and then allocating them to a resource from within the broader business for resolution. Incorrect allocations frequently occur and generally delay the resolution of the task or query. Therefore Quantum™ has the ability to guide the allocation of tasks and queries to the appropriate resource .

Performance management

Whether you are managing the performance of the entire Call Centre, a functional area within the Call Centre or individual staff, it is imperative that performance data is readily available. The Therefore Quantum™ application places performance data at your fingertips.

Providing "on the same page" clarity

Communication is one of management's perennial challenges and Call Centres certainly aren't exempt. Call Centre applications need to provide users with access to a comprehensive task / query review that carries all of the salient details, thereby keeping everyone "on the same page".

Continuous improvement

Call Centre applications should allow for the identification of areas where the business is prone to repeat service failure. This data can then be used to initiate and subsequently monitor interventions designed to reduce future service outages.

Paper and spreadsheet based solutions aren't solutions

Paper and spreadsheet based Call Centre trackers may be cheap, but they have far too many shortcomings to allow them to be a workable tool for measuring, managing and executing tasks and queries.

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