About Therefore FieldTask™
Understanding the need

Managing a field based team is not for the faint hearted. The complexities associated with field task communication, coordination and management often result in field operations that underperform relative to management expectations.

The Therefore team has undertaken extensive research to determine the factors that make managing a field based team so difficult. This knowledge has been used as the foundation upon which the Therefore FieldTask™ application has been developed.

Success requires a support structure

The most successful field teams tend to be those that have the most comprehensive support structures in place.

Winning support structures typically provide field staff with an office based customer services desk to take customer calls and perform coordination, use technology to bridge the office / field communication gap and have a management team that has access to meaningful management data.

If you can’t measure, you can’t manage

If field task execution can’t be measured with ease, managing it becomes a “hit and miss” exercise. The management of field task execution requires a dashboard and easy access to purpose built reporting.


Clear lines of accountability are a critical success factor when managing a field based function. Given the number of moving parts that play a role in the provision of a field based service, accountability often falls into a "grey area", which works against efficiency. Critical to the management of accountability is the management of deadlines, the ability to track performance relative to deadlines and clarity regarding the party accountable for each task and query .

Delivering across functional areas

In the absence of a field task application capable of coordinating effort across functional areas, field task delivery tends to be sluggish and prone to failure. The Therefore FieldTask™ application is capable of bridging any number of functional areas, thereby providing your customers a seamless customer service experience.

Performance based management

Implementing performance based management for field staff is notoriously tricky. Those that manage field staff are at a natural disadvantage, given that they have limited opportunity to directly observe the performance of their staff. As a consequence, they require access to robust management data which allows them to accurately assess the quality of their staff's performance and manage accordingly. All too often, this data is not available.

Everyone needs to be on the same page

Communication is one of management's perennial challenges and nowhere is clean communication more critical than in the execution of field tasks. A field task management application needs to provide a single source of accurate and timeous data, thereby allowing all role players to work with "on the same page" clarity.

Paper and spreadsheet based solutions aren’t solutions

Paper and spreadsheet based field task trackers may be cheap, but they have far too many shortcomings to allow them to be a workable tool for measuring, managing and executing field tasks.

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